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The folks at Evolution Softworks have been using Perl to custom develop web application solutions since somewhere around the days of version 5.000, and along the way we've developed a variety of modules that are available under open-source licenses.

CPAN Modules

The following packages are available through CPAN. You may browse them through search.cpan.org or retrieve them directly from a CPAN mirror site.

The Class::MakeMethods framework allows Perl class developers to quickly define common types of methods. When a module uses a subclass of Class::MakeMethods, it can select from the supported method types, and specify a name for each method desired. The methods are dynamically generated and installed in the calling package.
Data::DRef provides a streamlined interface for accessing values within nested Perl data structures. These structures are generally networks of hashes and arrays, some of which may be blessed into various classes, containing a mix of simple scalar values and references to other items in the structure.
Data::Propertylist provides functions that turn data structures with nested references into NeXT's Property List text format and back again. You may find this useful for saving and loading application information in text files, or perhaps for generating error messages while debugging.
The Data::Quantity class provides a general interface for parsing and formatting scaled numeric values, including dollars, dimensions, durations, and disk space
The DBIx::DBO2 classes provide a relational-object mapping framework.
The DBIx::SQLEngine class provides an extended interface for DBI database handles, adding methods that support ad-hoc SQL generation and query execution in a single call.
PreProcessor::This package processes Perl source files and outputs a modified version acording to several user-setable option flags, including removal of comments and/or POD, pre-embedding of required libraries, and conditional inclusion.
Class::MakeMethods Templated generation of common methods.
Data::DRef Delimited-key access to complex data structures.
Data::PropertyList Convert arbitrary objects to/from strings.
Data::Quantity Parsing and formatting common typed values
DBIx::DBO2 Relational-object Mapper for fast DB class building
DBIx::SQLEngine DBI Wrapper and SQL Generator with cross-platform support
Devel::PreProcessor Module inlining and other Perl source manipulations.
String::Escape Registry of string functions, including backslash escapes.
Term::ShellKit Reusable command-line Perl environment
Text::MicroMason Simplified HTML::Mason Templating.

Other Distributions

DBIx::DBRX Business Data Framework
File::Name Object-oriented interface to common file operations
HTML::Dixon Structured interface builder for HTML::Mason
EBiz An e-business database framework (include SiteSearch)
Err Modules A collection of error and logging tools. (Err::Debug, Err::Exception, Err::LogFile, Err::WebLogFormat)
Evo Misc Kit Misc crufty modules; include patches from project trees
EvoScript-4 A tag-based scripting tool and web engine (Script and WebApp modules)

15 distributions uploaded by Matthew Simon Cavalletto (EVO)
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