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The HTML::Mason module provides a useful syntax for dynamic template interpretation (sometimes called embedded scripting): plain text (or HTML) containing occasional chunks of Perl code whose results are interpolated into the text when the template is "executed."

However, HTML::Mason also provides a full-featured web application framework, and sometimes I'd like to use this capability without configuring a full Mason installation.

Thus, the Text::MicroMason module was born: it supports the core aspects of the HTML::Mason syntax ("<%...%>" expressions, "%...\n" and "<%perl>..." blocks, "<& file &>" includes, "%ARGS" and "$_out->()" ), and omits the features that are web specific (like autohandlers) or are less widely used (like "<%method>" blocks).


You may browse the documentation via search.cpan.org: The module documentation describes each of the processing options.


Development: 1.04 (21 June 2002)

Current release: 1.0.3 (2nd July 2001)

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