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Data::DRef provides a streamlined interface for accessing values within nested Perl data structures. These structures are generally networks of hashes and arrays, some of which may be blessed into various classes, containing a mix of simple scalar values and references to other items in the structure.

The Data::DRef functions allow you to use delimited key strings to set and retrieve values at desired nodes within these structures. These functions are slower than direct variable access, but provide additional flexibility for high-level scripting and other late-binding behaviour. For example, a web-based application could use DRefs to simplify customization, allowing the user to refer to arguments processed by CGI.pm in fairly readable way, such as query.param.foo.


You may browse the documentation via search.cpan.org: The module documentation includes a full function reference.

To Do

Ensure .method.s work; add Data::Sorting; Data::Ref


Current release: 1998.1217 (22nd January 1999)

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